How Your Zodiac Sign Handles Confrontation

Are you a fight or flight kind of person? Confrontation can be very scary. Sometimes, it can get so bad that you lose friendships and make enemies. Other times, confrontation can be like an adrenaline rush; getting to say something to someone who has been on your case forever. If you’re anything like me, then […]

How to Heal Your Body Using Astrology

Our zodiac signs provide us with much ethereal information, from our spiritual sides to even our physical aspects. Some astrologers even believe that our zodiac sign can provide us with insight regarding our health. We are all in need of some kind of healing whether we realize it or not. Your zodiac sign can also […]

The 6 Most Resentful Zodiac Signs

Your misery makes them happy. They say if you can’t be happy for another person, then it’s your problem and not theirs. And often times, we do sink to the lowest level with our feelings for another person’s successes. The resentful zodiac signs know this all too well. Blame astrology or their horoscope, but they can’t […]

These 4 Zodiac Signs Simply Can't Be Trusted

Prepare to be shocked Trust is a key component in all of our relationships. Regardless of it being a romantic relationship, a friendship, or your bonds with a family member, if we don’t have trust then what do we have?  Have you ever had a relationship that was so strong, you just understood each other […]