The Pros And Cons Of Loving A Scorpio (Buckle Up For A Wild Ride!)

They don’t play, for better or worse. Scorpios are one of the (if not THE) most intense signs you’ll ever encounter, in every way. Intense anger, intense focus, intense love. So, loving a Scorpio can be a crazy roller coaster, and chances are, they’re the conductor. Their possessiveness and jealousy can be off-putting, but at the same time, having someone […]

The One Bad Personality Trait Your Zodiac Just Can’t Get Rid Of

Nobody’s perfect. Each and every one of us has at least one negative personality trait (and let’s be honest, it’s usually more than one). Sometimes, these negative personality traits don’t benefit us at all and harm the relationships we have with others. For example, some extremely competitive people end up pushing people away because they’re […]

The Mystery behind Friday the 13th

There are numerous reasons why some consider Friday the 13th to be a date of bad luck but it can be summed up into two superstitions basically: Some point to Friday as the most dangerous day of the week, and Triskaidekaphobia which is basically the fear of the number thirteen. On analogy to this the fear of Friday […]

Is Friday 13th the Unluckiest Day of the Year?

There were 13 people present at the last supper. 13th October 1307 is the day when hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested by the French Ruler Philip IV. The 13th Norse God, Loki, is believed by many Scandinavians to be a bringer of mischief and misfortune. According to Hindus, it can be unlucky for […]